Learn Quantum Computing

If you want something understood, you gotta learn it yourself.

You've become curious as any adventurer would and have decided to embark on a grand journey: the journey to understand quantum - in all of its computation, application, and more. It's a journey I'm undergoing myself as I begin to write this and instead of creating an archive of quantum papers, code, games, platforms, tools, research, or more I thought it'd be more impactful to create an obsidian knowledge base as I continue to grow into the quantum journey along with you all.

This will be helpful to me as both review and discovery as well as hopefully to you and others who have decided in various moments in life to begin the path to conquer what lies at the end of the quantum quest.

Good Luck.

Next up: Look over at THE intro to quantum tech to get up to speed.

Quantum Programming Level:
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When finished: the 3 current main applications

There are generally three large pillars of application to use QC for:

  1. Optimizations
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Simulations

Lack of specificity is intentional. These all cover broad disciplines of practice and can be used to show quantum use and advantage on a global level.

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