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Occupation is a good alternate word for jobs because these are certainly occupying my time at the moment rather heavily.

📎My PDF resume/CV can be perused over here. Contact information detailed within.

Brief Description:

I am passionate about creating applications that will have real world impacts in the quantum industry.
For my master’s work, I outlined how classical computing  transitioners can learn quantum programming  through a simple roadmap where I outlined tips, tricks, best practices, as well as sample code along with the most current quantum software tools to assist to date. (2022)
I continue to update this work.

In 2021, I was chosen as a top 5 out of all applicants for the NNSF Fellowship and interviewed with various national laboratories. I have participated in and won several hackathons and enjoy creating new tools for people to use. I have machine learning experience having underwent the experience of creating  a climate technology wind prediction system in 2022. I interned on the machine learning team in 2021 at a fantastic Materials science and Bio-chem science company called Schrodinger where I assisted in developing their protein prediction software. I have hosted the NASA Space Apps Hackathon in New York City in 2022 and hope to impact others in positive  ways as I grow in the  future. In my free time, I make things at my local makerspace Hack Manhattan & enjoy listening to others to exchange ideas.

My Writing:

I like to write too.

Coding Projects

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