Your terminal is everything!

Your terminal is the main way that you interact with the machine. So you have to make sure that it is optimized to be as lightweight as possible.

Some Useful Terminal Commands:

These are pretty helpful commands I've found over the years. One example being copying the current working directory:

pwd | pbcopy

This copies contents of all files & subdirectories in a folder/directory to another folder.

cp -r /path/to/source/directory /path/to/destination/directory/

Find the generic password to a public wifi.

security find-generic-password -wa "Wifi-name"

Output your ipv4 & ipv6 addresses.

ifconfig en0 | grep inet |  awk '{ print$2 }'

If you ever want to take a screen recording of the terminal just type in:

asciinema rec

Copy and paste with xclip! You can even share your terminal screen with multiple users using screen & tmux.

Eventually the goal is to port the info I've gather on this document over to here...eventually.

Your terminal the main way you create software interactively to be hosted on the Internet! It is from the terminal that all programs are born as it interfaces with the outside devices! For more information on internet tools, click on any of the previous links to take you to the appropriate area.

Have fun. 😙